2024 Guide to Queensland Land Tax Law: Will it cost you big?

When is Land Tax Payable?

Land tax is applicable to freehold land, whether it’s vacant, built-on, or part of community title schemes like apartments and units.

The Queensland government recently canceled proposed changes to the Land Tax Act 2010. These changes aimed to expand the scope of land tax assessment to cover all Australian land holdings, not just those within Queensland. Land tax law is intricate and requires thorough understanding, especially for individuals building a property portfolio.

If you own real property in Queensland, you may be subject to land tax. This state tax is calculated based on the taxable value of your land and various ownership factors and exemptions. Individuals, corporations, and trusts can all fall under the purview of land tax.

The land tax threshold differs depending on whether you own the land individually or through a trust or company. Presently, the threshold stands at $600,000 for individuals and $350,000 for trusts, companies, and absentees (foreign individuals not ordinarily residing in Australia). If your land’s taxable value surpasses the threshold, you’re liable to pay land tax.

The applicable tax rate is determined by the taxable value and ownership type (individual, company, or trust). As the value of held land increases, higher land tax brackets apply. Understanding Queensland’s land tax is crucial to avoid unexpected financial obligations.


The table illustrates how higher land tax brackets apply as the total land value increases. Let’s use an example to illustrate the calculation. Suppose the total land value is $700,000. In that case, falling within the $600,000–$999,999 tax bracket, the calculation would be $500 plus (1 cent x $100,000), totaling $1,500 in land tax payable.

Calculate Your Land Tax

Utilize our land tax estimator to determine your potential land tax liability.

Land Tax Rates for Companies and Trusts

Current land tax rates for companies and trustees are as follows:

Total Taxable Value of Land

Rate of Land Tax

To calculate land tax for an Australian company with land holdings valued at $550,000, falling within the $350,000–$2,249,999 tax bracket, the calculation would be $1,450 plus (1.7 x $200,000).

Land value in Queensland is assessed annually by the Valuer-General using distinct methods for rural and non-rural land. The ‘unimproved value’ method applies to rural land, while the ‘site value’ method applies to non-rural land. Community title scheme land is valued as a whole, with the valuation provided to the relevant body corporate.

If you disagree with your land tax valuation, you have the right to lodge an objection within 60 days of receiving the valuation notice. Certain land may be exempt from land tax, including primary residences, charitable institutions, primary production, and moveable dwelling parks, among others.

The Queensland government’s decision to scrap proposed changes to the Land Tax Act 2010 was significant. The proposed changes aimed to overhaul the state’s land tax regime by including all Australian land holdings for tax assessment, not just those within Queensland. Land tax law is complex and requires careful consideration, especially for property portfolio builders.

“This is a tax implemented by a state that impacts the residents of NSW. It’s wrong, and we’re not going to comply with it,” said the Premier.

The tax was known to deter investors from Queensland, with professional bodies like CPA Australia labeling it a “revenue grab.” – Qld Premier

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